21 Beautiful Red Makeup Looks

Red makeup looks are such a classic look, favored by all of the Hollywood greats, but the look is one that we feel like we’ve used a thousand times. It’s our fall-back look – the easiest one to master. Simply add some black eyeliner, red lipstick, and lots o’ lashes, and you’re good to go. But we’re running out of eye makeup for red lips ideas.

What if you’re looking for something different? What about if you’re looking for eye makeup for red lips with a difference? We think we can help with that, as it’s something we’ve been pondering over a great deal lately. We’ve been in the market for some new ways to wear our favorite makeup looks, and we think we’ve found a few that you might just love!

1 – Cut Crease Red Makeup Looks

Red lips and cut creases go so well together, we’re kicking ourselves for not learning this clever eye makeup trickery sooner. The cut crease is quite an intimidating look, renowned for being quite difficult to master, particularly for the beginners of the eye makeup world. (That’s most of us here at the CherryCherryBeauty den!)

There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube that you can watch to get a good grasp of what you need to do, and we’d recommend checking a few out. That’s how we learned most of our eye makeup tricks here – tutorials found on Youtube and Instagram!

Cut Crease Red Makeup Looks

Source: swetlanapetuhova

2 – Simple and Fresh Red Makeup Looks

Just for the record, this total babe is one of our Instagram LOVES right now. We’re obsessed with her posts – makeup, fashion, and travel included, and every time she releases a brand new tutorial on a brand new makeup look, we can’t wait to get started and give it a go for ourselves. Posting both complicated and simpler looks, this one is the latter – a simple way to wear red lipstick that won’t take too long in the morning.

Simple keep your eyes bare, adding a touch of mascara to make you feel less naked than you do without it, and make sure your brows are on point. A touch of blusher, and only the hint of contouring, and a slather of red lippie later, and what do you have? A red-lipped look that won’t take forever, and that’s just fine by us!

Simple And Fresh Red Makeup Looks

Source: baileysarian

3 – Hollywood Glam n’ Sparkle Red Makeup Looks

Isn’t this look something? We certainly thought so, and the process of putting it all together is much simpler than you first may have thought. Throw your base on, whatever works for you right now, and add a regular smokey eye look, as you usually would. Once you’re done though, don’t head straight for the red lipstick to finish. Throw some real sparkle in the inner corners of your eyes. This beauty has used gold, but you could go with silver also. It adds a little something new to a look you’ve probably already worn a hundred times over. It’s cute too, right?

Just for the record, we’re a little bit in love with the Jane Iredale 24Karat Gold Dust. It makes you feel as though you are wearing true gold. What more could you want from your makeup?

Hollywood Glam N’ Sparkle Red Makeup Looks

Source: jamiegenevieve

4 – Gloss Lips Red Makeup Looks

For those days when black liner just feels a little too severe for your mood, how about throwing some brown to the mix? Brown adds a softer finish than black liner does, and works well as a daytime makeup look.

It’s not something you’ll probably have considered when looking at eye makeup for red lipstick, but as you can see, it does work well. Perhaps try switching black for brown next time you’re getting ready in the morning. Count how many compliments you get!

Just for the record, if you don’t have brown eyeliner to hand, you can achieve the same effect by using a damp liner brush and your regular deep brown shades in your eyeshadow palette.

Gloss Lips Red Makeup Looks

Source: lustrelux

5 – Red Makeup Looks with Gold Eyes

Red lips and gold eyes just work. Okay, that’s the end of the story. The two just work well together, especially for special occasions. Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, your birthday, or just date night, we think this makeup is suitable for almost any occasion. With a bit of practice, it’s easier than you may have first thought to put together too.

You work with a smokey eye, but you don’t go too smokey. Keep the smokiness to the outer corner of your eyes, and add a beautiful gold shimmer to the inner corner, working its way into the center. Using a fluffy blending brush, blend the gold and brown so that you don’t have a harsh and sharp line between the two. Add a whiter, lighter shimmer right in the inner corner to help widen your eyes, and make you look more awake too. Then add your red-lipped finish. It’s a classic for a reason – it just works!

Red Makeup Looks With Gold Eyes

Source: rubina_muartistry

6 – Freckles Red Makeup Looks

If you have freckles, don’t work so hard to cover them over. Most girls [without freckles] would kill for those little marks, and there are even tutorials on how to MAKE them on Youtube! We know because we’ve seen them, and we’ve tried it for ourselves. Okay, we’ll admit it. We’re the girls who wished they had freckles …

Freckles Red Makeup Looks

Source: ssssamanthaa

7 – Lashes Red Makeup Looks

Bold, right? We know! We couldn’t work out if we loved or hated the look when we first saw it. Sorry, but we’re just being honest about that. It was only after we tried to “ignore” the look, that we realise we were more than a little intrigued by it. We tried it, adding a hint of red mascara to the mix, just to see what happens. Go figure, we got a bunch of compliments over our brave new look, and one of the CherryCherryBeauty dens even got a date … on the same day! We’re not saying she got the date because of the red lash look, obviously, but it is pretty coincidental, don’t you think? We like to think so. Either way, we’re now a really big fan of this look.

Lashes Red Makeup Looks

Source: stylistanna

8 – High Gloss Red Lips + Smoky Cut Crease Red Makeup Looks

There’s that smoky cut crease again. We promise you that it is a look you will learn to put together eventually. It’s not that difficult once you’ve learned the blending side of things, and it is a beautiful look. It packs a punch. This look does!

High Gloss Red Lips + Smoky Cut Crease Red Makeup Looks

Source: vanyxvanja

Check out the video below for a quick and easy, red glossy lip look made in just 10 minutes.

9 – Double Liner Red Makeup Looks

How do you feel about the double-liner trend? Have you heard all about it yet? Just in case you hadn’t, it’s pretty much as the name suggests – a double helping of eyeliner.

The idea is to use a different color eyeliner to add a secondary shade to the thicker line. With this look, cute pink eyeliner has been added first. On top of that, the dark pink liner has been added. It doesn’t add a little something different to makeup looks you’ve probably already worn a few times the same way.

Double Liner Red Makeup Looks

Source: roseandben

10 – Ombre Lips Red Makeup Looks

When you’re going all-out on the lips, with a big and bold red shade, for example, you may find the look easier to wear if you keep your eyes relatively neutral. This is most definitely the case if you would consider yourself a beginner in the world of older and braver makeup. This barely-there, nude smokey eye is a good one to take inspiration from. It’s a look we’ve created and loved!

Ombre Lips Red Makeup Looks

Source: beautybycassie93

11 – Long Lashes Red Makeup Looks

Red lips and super long lashes just seem to go hand in hand together, especially when you’re looking for a sophisticated, Hollywood glam look. This beaut has the look nailed, and her red lips were achieved using a combination of Anastasia Beverly Hills Strawberry Lipstick, and Urban Decay’s liner in “Bad Blood”.

Here’s another twist on the old Hollywood glam look also – add some gold glitter or shimmer shadow to the bottom lashes. It works well tholepin makes the eyes sparkle and pop, and just takes a few extra moments out of your day. If it’s the maximum impact you want, this is the look to aim for.

Long Lashes Red Makeup Looks

Source: carlibel

12 – Shimmery Pink Eyes Red Makeup Looks

What do you think about this stunning look? If you’re looking for something a tad out of the box when it comes to eye makeup for red lips, this one ticks all the right boxes. It’s bold, bright, and beautiful, working from an almost-gold glitter on the inner corner of the eye, to a darker shade right on the outer corner. You’ll need some good fluffy blending brushes to achieve a look as perfect as this one, and don’t forget to practice. You know what they say – practice makes perfect.

Shimmery Pink Eyes Red Makeup Looks

Source: wickedbeautification

13 – Lipstick Red Makeup Looks

We know it’s a very bold combination, but when it’s done the right way, this is a look that can mean serious business. Things have been toned down a little using that shimmery white shade on the inner crease of the eyelid, moving to a darker smokey-eye look on the outer corner. Add some liner with a razor-sharp finish, and then throw on lashings of lashes, and you have a passionate, fiery beautiful look that every woman will be envious of.

The black liner is none other than Kat von D’s Tattoo Liner, and the lashes were by Hudabeauty. If you check out Gerard Cosmetics, you’ll also find this stunning red lipstick shade. It’s hydra matte lipstick, and the shade is “Cherry Bomb”.

Lipstick Red Makeup Looks
Spotted on Pinterest

14 – Classic Red Makeup Looks

It’s so stunning and simple, it could almost be a daytime look for you. But first, you must get your base right. You’ll want a picture-perfect finish to your foundation to pull off the old-school Hollywood glam looks, just like this one.

We fell in love with that luscious red shade, and it’s by Colour Pop Cosmetics. It’s the Matte X Lippie, and the shade is ‘Trust Me’. You know, just in case you were wondering. Also, we’re in awe of the razor-sharp finish on this eyeliner flick. It’s time to invest in some tape to get those lines straighter we think … What do you use to get your flicks so sharp?

Classic Red Makeup Looks

Source: heathervenere

15 – White Liner Red Makeup Looks

Another way to update your regular red-lipped, black eyeliner look, why not add a flick of white eyeliner to your lower lashes? Why? Well, it helps to make your eyes appear much bigger and wider, for a start, and it can also help to disguise the tired eyes of partying and hangovers. Not that we’re saying you need that, of course.

White Liner Red Makeup Looks

Source: carolinebeautyinc

16 – Simple Red Makeup Looks

If you want a look that is relatively quick and super simple, this simple and chic one is a good one to look towards. Using Amrezy’s Brooklyn liquid lipstick, a touch of sparkle has been added to the inner corners of the eye to help brighten and lighten them. Don’t forget about the highlighter on your lip’s cupids bow when you’re adding it to your nose too.

Simple Red Makeup Looks

Source: carlibel

17 – Classic Red Makeup Looks

You can’t go wrong with a classic red lip, shimmer eye, and black eyeliner combo, as long as you get all three factors right, of course. If you plough so much makeup on your first, you can barely crack a smile, the effect will be more Rocky Horror Show than sultry and sassy, and we’re sure that’s not the look you’re going for. There are ways to wear bold looks like this without going too far, and we’ve learned a few really good tips and tricks from Youtube tutorials, and also Instagram-famous makeup artists, just like the ones we’ve shown you on this page.

Classic Red Makeup Looks

Source: vanyxvanja

18 – Gold Eyes Red Makeup Looks

This look is actually rather festive themed, so think we’re going to reserve the space to recreate this beauty for nearer Christmas time. What do you think though? Would you do red lips with green eyes? Have you already done red lips with green eyes? We think this is a great way to wear the two shades together quite subtly, especially with that pop of gold to bring everything in.

Gold Eyes Red Makeup Looks

Source: makeupmymind_herajs

19 – Simple Thin Line Red Makeup Looks

You don’t need to opt for thick black eyeliner when you’re rocking a red lip. We’ve shown you eye makeup for red lips that covers both ends of the spectrum – lots of makeup with big impact, right the way through to barely-there makeup at all. This look leans towards the latter, but still packs some glam-factor into the mix too. Thin down your liner for a quick way to lessen the drama on your eye makeup. It might take a big of practice, especially if you’ve been doing thick liner for years, but you’ll be surprised by how much your eye shape can change, just from changing that one makeup product shape when its on your face.

Simple Thin Line Red Makeup Looks

Source: chezmuart

20 – Bright Red Makeup Looks

Wow! What a beautiful look! It’s probably not one that you’d wear whilst rockin’ up to your day job, but if you’re looking for party time makeup with a twist, this chick is most definitely your gal. As we’ve said before, she’s one of our favorite makeup artists on Instagram right now, and this look shows you just why. Mixing really dramatic and colorful eyes with big and bold red lips isn’t an easy task, but she manages it. Beautifully, too! Is this a look you’d try for yourself?

Bright Red Makeup Looks

Source: baileysarian

21 – Copper Tones Red Makeup Looks

Back to something a little more subtle, and copper tones on the eyes work really well when you have red lips and black lining backing them up. Rose gold has been one of the biggest colors to hit us over recent seasons, and it’s a shade that is set to stay too. A modern twist on an otherwise classic look, what do you think of eye makeup for red lips like this?

Copper Tones Red Makeup Looks

Source: rubina_muartistry

And there you have them – 21 looks: red makeup looks that we think you might just like. Don’t forget to let us know which ones were your favorite, and if there were any that made you tempted to grab your makeup bag (or box) and start getting creative. If you have stunning makeup looks of your own that you want to show off, send them into us! We would love to feature you and your work. You can get in touch via social media, and all of those links are found at the top of this page, and also along the sides. We can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with, and we cannot wait to show off the magic you lot create!

Don’t forget to show these wonderful makeup artists some love in the meantime, however. We wouldn’t have anything to gain inspiration from if it weren’t for these beautiful peeps and their creative hands.