41 Stunning St Patrick’s Day Makeup Ideas

Celebrated on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, otherwise known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, is not only a religious celebration, but a cultural one too, Saint Patrick himself, the most important and influential patron saint of Ireland. The lively and colourful festivities actually celebrates the day that the patron saint of the country passed away, originally starting as a religious festival back in the seventeenth century. Since then, some of the traditional have stayed the same, but the overall festivities themselves have changed quite a bit. In fact, it could be said that the day has become somewhat of a very large celebration, particularly for the Irish.

If you’re planning on celebrating the day in true Irish style, you’re going to need makeup to match the occasion. Luckily, we have found more than enough looks to give you some inspiration. Make yourselves comfortable and put on your best Irish accent, here’s some inspiration for your St Patrick’s Day makeup.

1 – Neon Green St Patrick’s Day Makeup

Are you feeling all the bright, neon green vibes for your St Patrick’s Day makeup? This beautifully blended multi-green like might just be all the inspiration you need, mixing light, dark, and neon shades together, leaving no green hue out in the cold. It’s a fresh and modern take on a celebration that is many hundreds of years old. We think that’s why we love it so much.

Neon Green St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: samanthajayyy_

2 – Bright Green St Patrick’s Day Makeup

Keep the lips nude, the highlighter poppin’, and the eyeshadow as green as grass for a St Patrick’s Day makeup look that could easily double up as our favourite spring trend. We’re most definitely digging those au natural brows too. Would you dare to go natural with yours?

Bright Green St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: baileysarian

3 – Sultry Green & Smokey St Patrick’s Day Makeup

For when you’re feeling slightly darker than bright green, this sultry, smokey-green look is a great one to start with, a shimmering finish adding a wonderful finish to those green-gold hues. Finish things off with lashes of liner and masses of lashes and you’re good to go, celebrating in style.

Sultry Green &Amp; Smokey St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: robertavixen

4 – “All The Irish” Makeup Look

For the record, we’re seriously considering adorning these beautiful Irish flag-themed peepers ourselves when McGregor fights Mayweather again, UFC-style. (We’re really hoping that happens!) With all the colours of the flag of Ireland, this makeup look has everything you could possibly want. That killer green cut crease is our favourite part of this look, but what’s yours?

&Quot;All The Irish&Quot; Makeup Look

Source: laurabrady_mua

5 – Green Bling St Patrick’s Day Makeup

Of course, we can’t forget about the gals who’d rather add a bit more bling to the occasion. This belonged-up/studded look will take a steady hand, time, and a little bit of practice, but it’ll look damn fab for the big night itself. Speaking of which, how do you intend to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year? Drinks with friends? Irish drinks for all? Absolutely everything green?

Green Bling St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: phoebles

6 – Glitter Green Lined St Patrick’s Day Makeup

Go with glitter green lined eyes and pinky-nude lips for St Patrick’s Day makeup that is both cunningly cute and stunningly simple. A muted and light green hue has been added all over the eyelid, with a richer, glitter part cut crease design to catch the light and define the look. When you’re going all-out on the eyes, it’s a good idea to keep the rest of your face relatively neutral if you want something still relatively understated.

Glitter Green Lined St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: beautybybda

7 – Brightly Green & Proud St Patrick’s Day Makeup

Green is traditionally associated with safety, but we don’t advise that you play it safe when it comes to your celebratory St Patrick’s Day makeup. It’s the one day of the year when it’s almost a crime NOT to follow that green-theme, and that gives you the perfect excuse to have a good play around with a few of the colours that you might not use that frequently, in your eyeshadow palette.

Brightly Green &Amp; Proud St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: makeuplooksli

8 – Green & Gold Leaf St Patrick’s Day makeup

If you have lighter, blue or grey-toned eyes, on the other hand, you might find that brown or yellow hues work best with those wonderful green pops. If yellow seems like too daunting a shade for you to wear, opt for a slightly more metallic hue, using yellow gold leaf flecks instead. It’ll catch the light and shimmer wonderfully, just perfect for when you want to make your St Patrick’s Day makeup stand out from the rest.

Green &Amp; Gold Leaf St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: httptxsha

Do you want to create this stunning look? Check out the video tutorial below!

9 – Green Lipped St Patrick’s Day Makeup

If you have brown eyes, brown and green tones work magnificently together. You don’t need to wear both shades on your eyes either, as you can see from this clever look. Keep it brown or nude on the eyes, dark and green on the lips. We love this look – it’s a little different and definitely modern. There are some really great colourful makeup ranges out there right now and we can’t wait to play around with them.

Green Lipped St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: lizrenay

10 – Green n’ Gold St Patrick’s Day Makeup

Dark green is a colour that has become a symbol of wealth or money over the years, and the same can be said for gold too. If your bank balance is looking more wilted than wealthy, fake the extravagant look instead, with two shades that scream luxury when they’re used together. Don’t believe us? Just check out the glamorous makeup look below. You’ll soon see what we mean.

Green N’ Gold St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: denitslava

11 – Glam, Green & Gorgeous Makeup Look

And if you wanted more glam, green-gorgeousness still, switch the darker shades for rich green ones and add more gold to the mix. The shimmery cut-crease addition is super gorgeous, and that highlighter… Don’t even get us started. We’re more than a little bit obsessed.

Glam, Green &Amp; Gorgeous Makeup Look

Source: instabeautybyjess

12 – Killer Green Queen St Patrick’s Day Makeup

If glam is what you’re looking for, this look has it by the bucket loads, mixing a dark metallic green-grey lip with a shimmering green eye. There’s a hint of glitter and so much sass and glam in this look, we almost can’t handle it. If you wanted to be a killer green queen this St. Patrick’s Day, this is definitely the look to achieve just that with.

Killer Green Queen St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: xsabrinanicole

13 – Softly Green (& Gold) St Patrick’s Day Makeup

If you’re on the hunt for a slightly softer look than some of the bolder beauties we’ve shown you already, how does this one look to you? You don’t need to incorporate really bold greens into your St Patrick’s Day makeup look in order to bring the theme alive. This look is neutral enough to NOT be seen as too bold (such as, by your boss), but still brings in enough green to go with the green-themed day. Everyone’s a winner!

Softly Green (&Amp; Gold) St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: esantoinette

14 – Green Eyeshadow Look for Blue Eyes

Of course, you can’t start your St Patrick’s Day makeup looks without looking at the green colours in your palette. Green can be hard to wear for some women, particularly those that haven’t yet had the joy of playing around and experimenting with bold, bright, and damn fabulous colours. There really are a vast array of green shades on the market, however, which means there is bound to be one that suits you and your skin tone, as well as your eye colour, perfectly. Of course, you could just go for bold and bright, just like this look. What do you think? Is it right up your street?

Green Eyeshadow Look For Blue Eyes

Source: beauty_stylewithvera

15 – Geometrically Straight St Patrick’s Day Makeup

What a cool look, right? We definitely thought so, something different and super cool for your Irish-themed celebrations. The green brings the theme in well with this look, but you could always add clover shapes, or even a hint of orange and white too, to bring in that Irish theme even further. There are so many ways in which you could customise all of these looks, mixing and matching different features and components together. Which bits would you take from this look, and why? Or is it the entire look that gets your creative juices flowing?

Geometrically Straight St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: alannagellingmakeup

16 – Bold & Bright Glam St Patrick’s Day makeup

When wearing really bold and bright colours, particularly around your eyes, you will want to make sure that you’ve got the base just right. If you don’t perform this important step, your makeup may not last the distance, and we’re sure you don’t want your makeup sliding halfway down your face as you go about your festivities. You’ll need a good eyeshadow primer, a moist brush (to ensure the eyeshadow is as pigmented as you would like it to be), and a really good makeup setting spray. Just one night with all of these three products/hacks in use and you’ll be convinced for life!

Bold &Amp; Bright Glam St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: smithadbeauty

17 – Light Spring Green Fling Makeup Look

If you were looking for St Patrick’s Day makeup that would also carry on really well right through into the rest of spring, this look ticks every single box. The light and fun, pastel green hues add something much more fun and frivolous than some of the other darker and bolder looks we’ve shown you so far. Add a touch of silver glitter to catch the light, in the form of a super cool cut crease, and you’ve got a look that is just perfect for the green-themed day and the spring mood too.

Light Spring Green Fling Makeup Look

Source: elliehowell

18 – Green & Earthy St Patrick’s Day Makeup

There are lots of different shades of green, making it easier for you to find exactly the right one to go with your eye colour and skin tone. For a more elegant way of rocking the look, mix your greens in with earthy and neutral brown tones. This look is a great way of replicating that idea, using those earthy tones in with the brighter greens. It’s clever and slightly easier to wear than just bright green pops of bold colour. Think of it as your gateway step – the neutral step before you go bolder and braver. It’s a beautiful gateway step; that’s for sure.

Green &Amp; Earthy St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: esantoinette

19 – Black & Green St Patrick’s Day Makeup

Simple, bold, and fun — just three words that we would use to describe this cute makeup look for St. Patrick’s Day. If you wanted to leave those darker and mossy shades behind, instead incorporating something lighter, brighter, and more fun, this black and green look for St. Patrick’s Day might just be right up your street. It’s a simple look, a bright green tone blended well into the crease and slightly beyond, a thick helping of black eyeliner to help define the eyes and complete the look. Simple, yet brilliantly effective. It’s so cool. Almost too cool.

Black &Amp; Green St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: harbsy

20 – Fairy Queen St Patrick’s Day Makeup

A fun, festival-themed makeup for St. Patrick’s Day look, we’re obsessed with the green gem and glitter feature additions used in this stunning design. A work of art for sure, we hope you’ve got a grand celebration worthy of this amazing look. At the very least, it’ll make a great new addition to your Instagram feed.

Fairy Queen St Patrick'S Day Makeup
Spotted on Pinterest

21 – “Slice of Lime” St Patrick’s Day Makeup

If you like your drinks with a slice of lime, why not consider adding a slice of lime to your St Patrick’s Day makeup too? A slightly different way of mixing in a couple of different shades of green, this one really gives you the opportunity to get creative, the perfect base for a number of other makeup looks too, just by changing up the colours or shades. A look that we would definitely consider for our summer holidays, it’s a fab green design for your Irish-themed event.

&Quot;Slice Of Lime&Quot; St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: laurabrady_mua

22 – Bold Green Eyes & Lips Makeup Look

For when you want to throw everything green at the occasion, don’t be afraid to match your lips to your eyes, something we’re sure you’ve been told to avoid on more than one occasion over the years. It’s very simple — match the shades up as best as you can and keep things relatively simple. A little flick of eyeliner and some super killer brows, and the addition of that wonderfully rich green lip shade, and you have a look that would go perfectly for any number of occasions, not just St. Patrick’s Day.

Bold Green Eyes &Amp; Lips Makeup Look

Source: glambykelsiecolette

23 – Killer Light & Dark Green St Patrick’s Day Makeup

Tape is the perfect thing for adding those super straight lines to your eyeshadow looks, a makeup hack that will come in very handy no matter what kind of look you are trying to recreate. It’ll help you get straight eyeliner flicks, straight edges for your shadow blending (just like you can see here), and even for picking up loose remnants of eyeshadow or glitter pieces when they manage to get all over the place. Who’d have thought tape could come in so handy for your St Patrick’s Day makeup?

Killer Light &Amp; Dark Green St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: muacalista

24 – Celebratin’ in Green Style

If you’re looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we can’t guarantee that you’ll find it. We can guarantee that this St Patrick’s Day makeup look is the next best thing, however. If you don’t agree, we’ll just send the leprechauns right in after you. (We’re kidding, but we do have an awful lot of love for this green-themed look.)

Celebratin’ In Green Style

Source: pyroquinn

25 – Beautiful St Patrick’s Day Makeup for Brown Eyes

Do you have beautiful brown eyes? This look ticks all the right boxes for you, a beautifully rich and mossy green hue, rather than a bright and bold one. With just the right hint of a shimmering and lighter shade on the inner corners, your look is green, but not too green, and glam, but not too glam. It’s like the Goldilocks of St Patrick’s Day makeup!

Makeup For St Patricks Day 7

Source: oribelface

26 – Green & Pink St Patrick’s Day Makeup

If you’re feeling fun and frivilous, pink and green mightjust be the right way to go, brilliantly shown by this bombshell. They’re not two colours that you would automatically think to put together, but as you can see; they certainly work together quite well. Make the shadesfun and bright, and even add a touch of shimmer or glitter if you really want to make the look sparkle. It’s perfect for when you want to be green, but not entirely green.

Green &Amp; Pink St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: markiemeghan

27 – Green Matte & Glitter St Patrick’s Day Makeup

Mixing contrasting finishes, such as matte and glossy, makes a look sparkle for all the right reasons, by attracting the light cleverly and subtly. This look has mixed a matte green around the crease, with a glittery and more shimmering shade all over the lid, and just the right amount dusted underneath the eye too. No liner is necessary to complete this look, the mix of the two greens speaks for itself.

Green Matte &Amp; Glitter St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: piotrowskamakeup

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28 – Pretty Green Look for Brown Eyes

Another fabulous look for those of you who are blessed with brown eyes, this long-lashed St Patrick’s Day makeup has given us all lash envy. Of course, it’s not just the lashes that we love about this look; it’s the multi-tonal green shades, the silver glitter addition, the amazing brow shape … In fact, we just love all of it. Swoon.

Pretty Green Look For Brown Eyes

Source: hair.makeupbyamandazack

29 – Glittery Green St Patrick’s Day Makeup

When using glitter in your looks, make sure that you have a good glue adhesive to really make that sparkle stick. Glitter can be really difficult to wear, especially when you haven’t had the greatest amount of experience with it. The pros would tell you to have some tape to hand – it’s perfect for picking up those odd bits of glitter that you just can’t seem to wipe away with your finger. Before you know it, with a bit of practice, you’ll be glittering like the pros! We can’t wait to see what happens when you use this stunning makeup look for inspiration!

Glittery Green St Patrick'S Day Mak

Source: velvet702

30 – Multi-Toned Green St Patrick’s Day Makeup

It was in the early part of the seventeenth century that the celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day were first realised, and they have certainly changed a little over the years. This modern look is perfect if you wanted to celebrate the more modern traditions of the day, which include wearing lots of the colour green, drinking lots of Irish-born alcohol, and wearing shamrocks. This look has the green part sorted, but what will do to commemorate the rest?

Multi-Toned Green St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: httptxsha

31 – Green & Neutral Tones St Patrick’s Day Makeup

Brown can be a much easier colour of mascara to wear with green eyeshadows than black, and it’s one of the simplest changes you could make to your makeup bag to pack a serious punch. Brown is a more neutral tone, much earthier than the harsher and bolder black. It’s just the perfect thing to add a sense of neutrality to an otherwise in-your-face look. Consider adding brown in eyeliner form, mascara form, or even just mixing green and brown shadows together, just like you can see here.

Green &Amp; Neutral Tones St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: roxana_sadowska

32 – Green & Gold Lips St Patrick’s Day Makeup

If you wanted to pay some special attention to your lips, rather than your eyes, this green and gold lip look for St. Patrick’s Day might just fit the bill. That green lip shade is simply to die for, and the spattering of gold glitter adds something extra cool to the occasion. You’d probably need to sip your drinks carefully through a straw, but it’d be worth it to rock fab lips like this for a little while.

Green &Amp; Gold Lips St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: sophieannii.mua

33 – Green Lips & Brows St Patrick’s Day Makeup

And, just in case you wanted to go a little darker and leave the glitter behind, you could opt for a look just like this one. there’s no green in sight around the eyes, with the exception of those super cool green brows. Those green beauties might not be the first thing you consider when throwing your green-themed St Patrick’s Day makeup, but they certainly work, as this makeup design shows you. Would go green on the brows for the big day? We’d love to know your thoughts.

Green Lips &Amp; Brows St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: naomi_skyy

34 – Blended Light & Dark Green St Patrick’s Day Makeup

Two-toned green shades are a great way of incorporating an eyeshadow colour that you would otherwise have thought of as too bold or bright to wear. Mix in your brighter, lighter shade with a darker and more neutral one, almost in a smokey-eye look, and you’ll have something a little like this fabulous St Patrick’s Day makeup idea.

Blended Light &Amp; Dark Green St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: silicamua

35 – Green Top, Rainbow Bottom

Rainbows are just important for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations as the colour green is, and this look brings the two concepts together brilliantly well, without the rainbow being too colourful or in-your-face. The clever mix of colours across the bottom works really well with the bright green shade that has been swept across the top and blended into the crease and beyond. Add a shimmering, glittery touch to the inner corners and you’ve got yourself a look that anyone would be green with envy over.

Green Top, Rainbow Bottom

Source: makeup_by_lib

36 – Green & Glittery St Patrick’s Day Makeup

For when you want something that really stands out, glitter is a must, and here’s a must-know hack for using glitter and NOT making a total mess … Before you apply it, dust some translucent, loose powder right underneath your eyes. When the glitter goes everywhere, it won’t matter. Dusting the translucent powder away will also dust any remnants of that glitter away, without ruining the rest of your look. You’ll thank us for that trick later.

Green &Amp; Glittery St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: looneylimner

37 – Light to Bright Ombre St Patrick’s Day Makeup

The light to bright (or dark) look is one of the easiest ways to rock any colour of eyeshadow, starting with a lighter colour on the inner corners of the eye, working your way to either a lighter, brighter, darker, or even different shade entirely. The colour blending works as a piece of art all of its own in a design as pretty as this one, no lashings of liner needed to define the look or bring it all together. Although, there is nothing to stop you from adding a dramatic liner flick if you wanted to.

Light To Bright Ombre St Patrick'S Day Makeup
Spotted on Pinterest

38 – Green Shamrock Glitter St Patrick’s Day Makeup

Well and truly set the St Patrick’s Day tone with these fab green and shamrock eyes, the shamrock glitter pieces added to the bottom lash line. We very rarely pat a lot of attention to our lower lash line, with the majority of the party happening up on the top lid. Sometimes, just sometimes, it pays to switch things up, and this look is a classic example of that. It’s definitely one that’ll stand out and get people talking, for all the right reasons.

Green Shamrock Glitter St Patrick'S Day Makeup
Spotted on Pinterest

39 – Glam Green & Smokey St Patrick’s Day Makeup

Take things over to the dark side with this glam, glitter green and smokey eye look, darkening things up and making them just right for an Irish-themed evening event. Teamed with relatively neutral lips, this makeup creation is perfect for those who don’t want to opt for something light and lovely. Although, it is still a damn lovely look. And we’ve got absolute brow envy.

Glam Green &Amp; Smokey St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: _makeupbymacey

40 – Green Mermaiden St Patrick’s Day Makeup

A glossy eye look that would be just as good for a mermaid themed event, as it would an Irish, St. Patrick’s Day one, glossy eyes are often considered to be quite difficult to wear. This glossy look has done things the right way, teaming a darker, almost-metallic green shimmer with some translucent, shiny pieces. Leave the liner at home with this one; the look doesn’t need it.

Green Mermaiden St Patrick'S Day Makeup

Source: rocyroque

41 – Lightly Green Frosted

And, for when a light dusting of Irish will do, how about this lightly frosted green look? Using a light and shimmering green, rather than a bright or darker one, you’re making it much easier to wear throughout the day. You could liven this look up, once your working day is done. Add some glitter, liner, or even a bolder lip, and you’ll be well on your way to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in true Irish style. We hope that you have fun!

Lightly Green Frosted

Source: lyds_makeup

How do you feel now? Like you have the luck of the Irish on your side? At the very least, we hope we’ve given you plenty of inspiration for your St Patrick’s Day makeup. We can’t wait to see what you come up with too. If you think you’ve created an amazing St Patricks Day makeup look that deserves to be shown off, show it off! Leave your Instagram links in the comments below and we’ll stop right on by and take a peek. We’re always on the lookout for fresh and new talent. Could it be you? (We hope so … We want to feature you!)

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