50 Best Short Hairstyles for Women | Short Haircuts and Ideas

Tired of your long hair and fancy trying out shorter hair? We have searched high and low to bring you our absolute favourite short hair cuts for women. There are so many short hairstyles to choose from that we would like to try a new short hairstyle every week. If you have straight hair, wavy hair, thin hair or thick hair we have collected the best short hair styles for you no matter what your hair type.

Let us know what you think. And if you have a gorgeous short hairstyle that you would like us to feature, get in touch with us. We would love to share it!

1 – Short Pixie Cut With Side Cut

Combining the classic style pixie cut with edgy haircuts like the sidecut is a gorgeous but dare I say it high maintenance look. To maintain this gorgeous side cut you will have to keep a trimmer handy. Worth it!

Short Pixie Cut With Side Cut
Photo: Short Pixie Cut With Side Cut. Source: Insta @jordi_renee

2 – Short Pixie Bob

Another gorgeous pixie cut but this time with those beautiful dark loose waves. This short hairstyle goes beautifully with an oval face shape.

Short Pixie Bob
Photo: Short Pixie Bob. Source: Insta @shorthair_queen

3 – Messy Pixie Cuts

Styling short hair does not have to be difficult, add some choppy layers to your hair then style it yourself. Find a product that will add volume and give you some hair texture. Apply this product to damp hair to create the best look. We all have different hair types so you may have to purchase a few different hair types before finding your perfect match.

Messy Pixie Cut
Photo: Messy Pixie Cut. Source: Insta @haaremitstil

4 – Pixie Cut with Copper Highlights

We love how these copper highlights shine amongst these gorgeous layers or dark hair. They give both a classy style to this pixie cut and a bit of edge at the same time.

Pixie Cut With Copper Highlights
Photo: Pixie Cut with Copper Highlights. Source: Insta@salvobonaccorsoparrucchieri

5 – Classic French Bob

Nothing quite beats the classy style French bob haircut. This is one of the short hair ideas that will never go out of fashion. If you have fine hair and want to add more volume to this hairstyle you can ask your stylist to add in some soft layers.

 Classic French Bob
Photo: Classic French Bob. Source: Insta@coupeaucarre

6 – Edgy Pixie Haircut

Everything about this short hairstyle makes me want to go to the hair salon right away. The straight cut short fridge is so up to date right now and looks great with those eyebrows!

Edgy Pixie Haircut
Photo: Edgy Pixie Haircut. Source: Insta@short.and.sexy

7 – Fade Cut Pixie Hairstyle

Move over men, it is time for us women to begin rocking the fade cut. The fade cut is the new undercut and we love how feminine it looks when paired with some stylish earrings.

Fade Cut Pixie Hairstyle
Photo: Fade Cut Pixie Hairstyle. Source: Insta@rockthatbuzz

8 – Short Hair Don’t Care

Whether you have shaved hair, short textured hair or chin length hair you are one of the gorgeous and proud members of the short hair club and can proudly announce short hair don’t care wherever you go.

Short Hair Don'T Care
Photo: Short Hair Don’t Care. Source: Insta@rockinthatpixie

9 – Short Haircut Pixie Bang Style

With just a little length to the side of your short pixie cut you can transform you average short haircut into a pixie cut bangs style.

Short Haircut Pixie Bang Style
Photo: Short Haircut Pixie Bang Style. Source: Insta@cropped2perfection

10 – Wispy and Short Hairstyle

As choppy haircuts go this side swept wispy short haircut is one of the nicest styles out there. The silver tones go perfectly with the dark eyebrows and brunette undertones.

Wispy And Short Hairstyle
Photo: Wispy and Short Hairstyle Source: Insta@rockinthatpixie

11 – Neon Green Pixie Cut

Don’t you just love how much fun and energy this neon green pixie haircut portrays!!! Neon hair dye comes in a variety of colors and can also be washed out with just a few washes if your boss doesn’t quite agree.

Neon Green Pixie Cut
Photo: Neon Green Pixie Cut. Source: Insta@trevorsorbie

12 – Short Wispy Bangs

Red hair look adorable with short wispy bangs. These choppy layers work beautifully with a round face shape and really help to bring out those stunning facial features.

Short Wispy Bangs
Photo: Short Wispy Bangs. Source: Insta@pinkdagger

13 – Alternative Short Bangs

There are so many fun things to experiment with when you have shorter hair. If you like to keep your hair short and play with different short hair styles you can just colour, play, grow, repeat!

Alternative Short Bangs
Photo: Alternative Short Bangs. Source: Insta@riotalien

14 – Short Bangs Meet Long Bangs

Combing a classic chin length bob with long hair at the same time may seem crazy at first, impossible even. But, wow! This short hairstyle is literally awesome!

Short Bangs Meet Long Bangs
Photo: Short Bangs Meet Long Bangs. Source: Insta@hairloungenyc

15 – Colourful Short Bob Haircut

Calling all red heads out there!!!! This is a gorgeous chin length cut for those with red hair! Creating side swept bangs like this can be done with both thick hair and fine hair depending on the length of layers you choose.

Colourful Short Bob Haircut
Photo: Colourful Short Bob Haircut. Source: Insta@alinecek

16 – Short and Sleek Bob Haircut

This short bob is another chin length cut hairstyle that works perfectly with straight hair. To create this gorgeous shine apply a hair oil to damp hair after washing. Argon oil is the most recommended hair oil by hair stylists.

Short And Sleek Bob Haircut
Photo: Short and Sleek Bob Haircut

17 – Short Hairstyles for Natural Curls

If you have thick locks but want to go short, try out this layered bob haircut. We love this deep cherry red shade!

Short Hairstyles For Natural Curls
Photo: Short Hairstyles for Natural Curls. Source: Insta@parrucchierapetrinicarla

18 – Cute Red Short Bob

Talking about red hair, check out this short hairstyle. When umber meets coral this is what you can achieve!

Cute Red Short Bob
Photo: Cute Red Short Bob. Source: Insta@screen_kana

19 – Silver Shades Chin Length Bob

If you have silver or light blonde hair you can keep away the brassiness with silver or purple shampoo. This incredible invention contains purple pigment which acts as an anti-yellowing agent.

Silver Shades Chin Length Bob
Photo: Silver Shades Chin Length Bob. Source: Insta@haircenterbigart

20 – Textured Curtain Bangs

To create a natural texture like in this short haircut try applying a little bit of thickening texture spray. Of course, if you have thick hair you may want to stay away from these types of products and go more towards the high shine oil based products instead.

Textured Curtain Bangs
Photo: Textured Curtain Bangs. Source: Insta@haircenterbigart

21 – One Length Bob

If you feel like your thick hair is drying out you may want to wash it less often to let the natural oils in your hair do their thing. To create a gorgeous shiny pixie bob like this try adding some weightless hair oil to stop those pesky fly aways.

One Length Bob
Photo: One Length Bob. Source: Insta@solana0801

22 – Blue Curtain Bangs

These blue curtain bangs are so cute and go perfectly with all face shapes. You can easily transform this look into side swept bangs and when you’re finished with the blue why not go for red instead?

Blue Curtain Bangs
Photo: Blue Curtain Bangs. Source: Insta@thehaircutyoudesire

23 – Short Blunt Bob

The short angled bob is a great edgy haircut for women. Did you know that some of the best hairdressing scissors come from Japan? They are also known as hairdressing shears and are designed with razor thin blades to make the cleanest and sharpest cuts.

Short Blunt Bob
Photo: Short Blunt Bob. Source: Insta@thehaircutyoudesire

24 – Brown Layered Bobs

Another great example of how our dear friend Monsieur Layered Bob can create a stunning natural texture look that is great for any hair type out there.

Brown Layered Bobs
Photo: Brown Layered Bobs. Source: Insta@yukistylist

25 – French Short Bob

We’ve all watched Disney Pixar’s ‘The Incredibles’, right?!? Well, this short haircut is based on the most fashionable cartoon character this century; Edna Mode. Edna Mode is an incredibly stylish supersuit designer for super heroes with an even more incredible short haircut!

French Short Bob
Photo:French Short Bob. Source: Insta@vivthemole

26 – Silver and Brown Pixie Haircut

The best thing about a textured cut is that you can have fun with the color! You can go with a dark ashy brown underneath to make the lighter top layer pop, or you can go with something more subtle like light blonde highlights on top.

Silver And Brown Pixie Haircut
Photo: Silver and Brown Pixie Haircut. Source: Insta@nonstop.style.nyc

27 – Rainbow Stacked Bob

When you can’t decide what colour to dye your hair, go for every colour under the rainbow. Adding rainbow coloured highlights over silver hair is a great way to make these colours really pop.

Rainbow Stacked Bob
Photo: Rainbow Stacked Bob. Source: Insta@hair_on_the_fritz

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28 – Short Pixie Cuts – Undercut

Now, this is how you rock a pixie cut! This layered pixie cut works well with all face shapes and is a great low maintenance hair cut. Sweeping the longer hair over to the side like this is a great way to style your pixie cut.

Short Pixie Cuts - Undercut
Photo: Short Pixie Cuts – Undercut. Source: Insta@rockinthatpixie

29 – Blonde Textured Pixie Hairstyles

Another rocking pixie cut, but this time with shorter hair at the top. To create this messy textured effect try using a moulding paste in your hair.

Blonde Textured Pixie Hairstyles
Photo: Blonde Textured Pixie Hairstyles. Source: Insta@rockinthatpixie

30 – Pink Pixie Cuts

Try this style for an even shorter pixie cut with a twist. Pink hair can be difficult to up keep but there are plenty of products on the market these days that will help you keep up the vibrancy of your hair color. As a lover of pink hair myself, I would personally recommend using pink shampoo bars.

Pink Pixie Cut
Photo: Pink Pixie Cuts. Insta@rockinthatpixie

31 – Short Purple Bangs

Talking about vibrancy, this short haircut. is one of the coolest side swept bangs ever! It is a great look if you want to add a bit of life to fine hair and would look great styled straight or with curls.

Short Purple Bangs
Photo: Short Purple Bangs. Source: Insta@_royalvisions

32 – Buzzcut Short Hairstyle

The ultimate low maintenance haircut and the mother of all short cuts. When Irish singer Sinead O’Connor first showed off her iconic shaved hair style she showed the women of the 80’s that the music industry isn’t just about pretty long hair and mini skirts. She has since given women around the world the inspiration to be bald, beautiful and fiercely feminine!

Buzzcut Short Hairstyle
Photo: Buzzcut Short Hairstyle. Source: Insta@rockthatbuzz

33 – Razor Blunt Angled Bob

These angled bob hair styles can be rocked in so many different ways; with fridge, without fridge, swept to the side or even with a sidecut and can look incredible in any color!

Razor Blunt Angled Bob
Photo: Razor Blunt Angled Bob. Source: Insta@kisasackadin

34 – Classic Short Bob Hairstyle

Not all incredible hair styles have to be so radical. Sometimes keeping it simple can be the most beautiful as this short hair cut demonstrates.

Classic Short Bob Hairstyle
Photo: Classic Short Bob Hairstyle. Source: Insta@helsinkihairsalon

35 – Black Short Hair Style

They are rocking this simple black short hair with so much style and playfulness. This hair style is great for city life and for people who are always on the go.

Black Short Hair Style
Photo: Black Short Hair Style. Source: Insta@dats_khei

36 – Short Style Blonde Fade Cut

Style your short hair with some oversized earrings and smokey eye makeup for a stylish and edgy look perfect for city breaks and nights out.

Short Style Blonde Fade Cut
Photo: Short Style Blonde Fade Cut. Source: Insta@cropped2perfection

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37 – Short Blonde Wavy Hair

This hairstyle is the perfect red carpet hairstyle for those who want to show off their new hairstyle with a sleek and glamorous style that will make them stand out in the crowd.

Short Blonde Wavy Hair
Photo: Short Blonde Wavy Hair. Source: Insta@pelillos_a_la_mar00

38 – Very Short Hairstyle

It’s not always easy to style short hair. But there are some simple tricks that can make it easier and help you get the perfect look. One tip is to avoid using too much product: The weight of the product on your hair will weigh it down and make it look flat. If you have shorter hair, stick to a light holding spray or gel, or try a dry shampoo for volume.

Very Short Hairstyle
Photo: Very Short Hairstyle. Source: Insta@shavedhairlovers

39 – Rock Short Hair with Pink Bangs

This is a great look for anyone who wants to give their fine hair and straight hair a new look. Color coordinate your hair color with your makeup and outfit to create a stunning look that you can really have some fun with!

Rock Short Hair With Pink Bangs
Photo: Rock Short Hair with Pink Bangs. Source: Insta@pelillos_a_la_mar00

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40 – Ginger Short Edgy Style

When you have short hair you can be experimental with the different lengths and try out a variety of different hairstyles each season. On average it takes two months to grow one inch of hair and when you have short hair like this one inch can make all the difference.

Ginger Short Edgy Style
Photo: Ginger Short Edgy Style. Source: Insta@e.v.a_gl

41 – Short Hair Styles – Blue Sidecut

We love this brown to blue ombre effect on this short to medium length hair. This year is the year of the sidecut and what better way to wear a sidecut than with side swept short hair.

Short Hair Styles - Blue Sidecut
Photo: Short Hair Styles – Blue Sidecut. Source: Insta@shavedhairlovers

42 – Short Little Mermaid Red Hair

This coral red color is perfect for any little mermaid fans out there. Create even more of an Ariel look by adding some salt spray to really bring out those mermaid waves.

Short Little Mermaid Hair
Photo: Short Little Mermaid Red Hair. Source: Insta@caitwoodhai

43 – Short Haircuts for Women with White Afro Curls

We love how these white curls are being rocked with matching white glasses. Short haircuts for women with fade cuts or side cuts are so versatile no matter what your age or style.

Short Haircuts For Women With White Afro Curls
Photo: Short Haircuts for Women with White Afro Curls. Source: Insta@urbanchic876

44 – Short Curly Locks

Adding foam rollers to your hair over night is a serious life hack. Not all of us are blessed with curly locks like these nor have the time to get out our curling wand in the morning before work.

Short Curly Locks
Photo: Short Curly Locks Source: Insta@miracleshairdesign

45 – Short Dark Hair

Some women are reluctant to cut their hair short because they think it will make them look too masculine. But that’s just not the case! With the right haircut, you can look feminine with short hair.

Short Dark Hair
Photo: Short Dark Hair. Source: Insta@short_hair_sweethearts

46 – Short Style Faded Pink Pixie Cuts

When Alecia Beth Moore, A.K.A Pink, hit the music scene in the early 2000’s she gave beauty and edge and set the trend of pink hair for the two next decades.

Short Style Faded Pink Pixie Cut
Photo: Short Style Faded Pink Pixie Cut. Source: Insta@short_hair_sweethearts

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47 – Short Naturally Curly Hair

Having naturally curly hair like this may seem like a blessing, but as a person with curly hair myself, believe me when I say it is not as easy as it looks. Keeping your hair cut short can be a great way to maintain that bounce and volume to your curls.

Short Naturally Curly Hair
Photo: Short Naturally Curly Hair. Source: Insta@journeyofthecurly

48 – Short Thick Dark Hair Curls

There are many ways to control curly hair. You can choose a hairstyle that is cut short and has a lot of volume. You can also use hair products like gel or mousse to keep your curls in place.

Short Curls With Natural Texture
Photo: Short Curls with Natural Texture. Source: Insta@alaysialbayrak

49 – Dark Hair Curly Bangs

One of the most popular looks for short hair is a wavy style that can be created with an iron or curling wand. This look is perfect for those who have straight hair but want to give it some body, volume, and texture.

Dark Hair Curly Bangs
Photo: Dark Hair Curly Bangs. Source: Insta@margaux.dawn

50 – Short Thick Hair Bob Haircut

A look destined for the red carpet, this classic french bob looks stunning paired with red lipstick and elegant gold jewellery.

Short Thick Hair Bob Haircut
Photo: Short Thick Hair Bob Haircut. Source: Insta@gabie.godfrey

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Short hair is a great way to showcase your personality and style. Whether you want to go with a traditional pixie cut or something more daring like a side cut, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can also get creative with bangs and french bobs.

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